“Walk, Talk & Roll” group 
strolls by this 
pretty lake every week! The leaves are just 
beginning to change!
   We continue to think of each of you and hope to stay connected by social media and our Zoom programs. We hope all of you continue to stay well and safe. The joy and beauty of Autumn is here. The bright fall colors hopefully will brighten everyone’s day. If you have not joined one of our Zoom programs, we encourage you to spend some time with us currently at 2 pm on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. We offer time to visit and socialize right from the safety and comfort of your own home. Then we will guide you through a program of music, storytelling or art. We offer an alternative program on Wednesdays. Spend time with friends outdoors, light exercise, and respect of social distancing. If you have not participated and have questions or would like to be involved, contact us at: or at: 
A view of Carolyn’s Greenhouse Art Gallery at night!
Heartful Living Cafe
Date: Tuesday, Oct. 20th
Time: 2pm EST, 1pm CT
Today, enjoy time to reconnect and spend time with others. 
Dr. Charlie will host a TimeSlips (TM) Story Writing experience with the group. Participants will create a special story together based on the images sent to you last week. Please bring the printed versions of the images to the program to help in writing the story together. It is a fun and unique program!
Support Group
Dr. Charlie would like to host convenient times with care partners to discuss current concerns and issues you might be facing during the Covid-19 health challenges. He will offer small group or one-on-one opportunities to discuss current situations and methods to find resolution.
The meetings will be offered by phone conference Monday & Thursday afternoons. Please contact Dr. Charlie Farrell at 440-552-2267 to arrange an appointment.
Enjoy National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day on Wednesday, October 21st! 
Anyone have a recipe they’d like to share?
Oct. 21st at 11 am
“Walk, Talk & Roll”
It’s cooler weather! Looking for all those friends that have been waiting for the more comfortable weather to join us……Enjoy some conversation, time to socialize and a beautiful park and lake! Stay and visit safely under the Park’s large gazebo. Masks and social distance required. No program if it is raining or cooler than 
40 degrees.
A Way To Donate
The Foundation appreciates all of our  

community interest and support.
If you would consider a gift

to help continue our programming and outreach services,

please click the link and it will take you to our website
for details how you can make a sustaining or one-time contribution. Thank you!
Final chance to register for the 
Pumpkin Painting Parties!!

Creative Connections (TM)
Date: Friday, October 23rd
Time: 2pm EST, 1pm CT
Friday afternoons are fun with our Resident Artist Richard Skerl! Today, create a special work of art with materials from the Carolyn’s Creative Connections (TM) Art Kit. A list of materials will be provided in the weekly Zoom email invitation on Thursday.
Happy Birthday to 
Tess Wrzsesinski 
on October 23rd!
We are looking for art 
for our new Carolyn’s Greenhouse Gallery! Have you created something special in 
one of our programs? Drop it off at the 
Center for Artful Living Monday through Friday, 
9 am – 5 pm, and we will frame it and add it to the gallery space for all to enjoy!
Get your Halloween Costume Ready for our 
Friday, October 30th Program!!! Enjoy our Program and Extra Special Activities on that day . . . virtually!