Special Thanks…
…To all of our guests, Board members and volunteers who helped make our Ribbon Cutting for the Carolyn’s Greenhouse Gallery & Garden Reception last Tuesday a big success! Come enjoy the garden, deck and gallery anytime of the day!
Former Board Member and volunteer Gretty, former participant Joel and Board Member Dorothy chat at the ribbon cutting event.
Our guests at the event watch as Dr. Charlie does the honor of cutting the ribbon!
Thank you to the
Community West Foundation
for their incredible support and interest in the mission and work of the Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation. Through their generous support, we have provided a variety of enrichment programs this summer by re-opening the Center for Artful Living and providing virtual programs to the community. On Thursday, July 29th, Community West Foundation held a virtual Community Update: “Illuminating Hope Through Art”. They shared the impact of
art on the community and how it touches everyone’s life by sharing an important installation of a group of public sculptures titled: “Matthew 25 Collection” by Canadian Sculptor Timothy Schmalz. The works
will be installed in multiple locations in Cleveland. We were very proud that Community West also recognized the
Far West Center along with the Farrell Foundation. Community West selected multiple works of art from artists and community groups that have a special impact on quality of life, mental and physical health. They chose and purchased
2 works of art from us to display in their office: a piece by Carolyn Farrell and one by Joel and Ursula Brence. Pictured is
Dr. Charlie proudly with the work of
art created by Carolyn.
Based on the latest COVID statistics for the State of Ohio, we are encouraging any non-vaccinated guests to wear masks as well as any others while inside the Center for Artful Living. We take precautions in maintaining the cleanliness of the building and equipment.
Farrell Foundation Board
Monday, August 16th is
National Tell A Joke Day!
How do cheeses greet
each other on Mondays?
They say:
“Have a gouda week!”
Happy Birthday on
August 17th to
Board Member and volunteer Betsy Wallace!
Enjoy your day!!
The Heartful Living Cafe
Tuesday, August 17th at 2pm
Enjoy the beautiful violin music performed by Chris Kilbane. Chris will offer a variety of pieces to engage and enjoy along with other activities together. Chris will perform virtually for our guests. In person participants stay and socialize with light refreshments. A Zoom link will be
sent to our virtual guests on
Monday afternoon.
Sweet Arts Cafe
Wed., August 18th at 11am
Experience our Wednesday
mid-day program and enjoy lunchtime at the Center. Bring your own brown bag lunch;
we will provide a beverage and dessert. Then engage in an activity together in the arts! Today, Resident Artist Richard Skerl will be with us to create a variety of collage pieces.
Please join us!
Wednesday’s will be filled with a variety of arts activities and exercise experiences. Each week, check out our Constant Contact for the week’s activity!
Memorial Gift!
Our various art and music programs are being provided through generous memorial
gifts in honor of our participant
and friend, the late Bob Becker.
Thank you to Luanne Becker, family and friends for the kind
gifts to support the work of
the Farrell Foundation.
Dr. Charlie’s Story
Dr. Charlie Farrell, Founder &
Board Member of the Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation has shared his dementia/Alzheimer’s diagnosis.
He continues his personal project
with his daughter Katie. He will
offer in a series of YouTube
videos his story titled:
“My Journey With AL” (Alzheimer’s). To view and subscribe to these programs, follow the link below to the Foundation website, then scroll down the home page to view the videos.
Participant Jennifer enjoying a day at the fair with the Wizard of Oz!
Celebrate the Arts
Friday, August 20th at 2pm
Visit the Center on Friday and enjoy
a special music program led by Music Therapist Sara Williams from M-TEC, Music Therapy Enrichment Center! Sara will offer a variety of music pieces to sing along with and move
to the rhythm. Stay for snacks and refreshments. The program is also offered virtually. A Zoom invite will
be sent on Thursday.
Volunteer Marianne guides participant Debbie in creating
her work of art!
Daughter Mary looks on as her father Jim works on his wonderful sunflower art!