Guest violinist Nadine Kodysz entertains the group in Tuesday’s Heartful Living Cafe! Participants BB & Manny look on.
The Center for Artful Living offers a variety of arts enrichment programs at it’s comfortable new facility in Westlake. Current programming includes a range of arts sessions for individuals with dementia and their care partners. The Center is available to others in the arts & business communities to host programs or events. Additional information: or
call 440-414-0434
 Participant Ed and 
care partner Susanna enjoy the music 
made by guest violinist Nadine Kodysz! 
Title: Heartful Living Café
Date: Tuesday, June 18th
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Location: The Center for Artful Living, 26633 Detroit Road in Westlake.
Activity: Tuesday afternoons at the Center…what better way to spend your time with us. Today, visit and enjoy some light refreshments in the art gallery/studio first; our Memory Cafe. Then enjoy some great songs and music led by singer Pam Wetula!
New participant Eleanor 
and her care partner Heather have fun
showing off  their “art museum” 
creations in Wednesday’s Sweet Arts Cafe!
Title: Sweet Arts Café
Date: Wednesday, June 19th
Time: 11am to 1pm
Location: The Center for Artful Living, 
26633 Detroit Road 
in Westlake.
Activity: Bring your lunch and spend time visiting with us. We’ll provide a beverage and dessert! Then enjoy a different experience called TimeSlips (TM). This is an imagination-based storytelling method. We will create a story together based on a work of art. Dr. Charlie who is a certified TimeSlips coach will lead the session.
Participant Judy 
and her sister Jeanne 
get into the spirit of Flag Day in 
Friday’s Creative Connections (TM) 
art session!
Title: Creative Connections (TM)
Date: Friday, June 21st
Time: 2 PM – 4 PM
Location: The Center for Artful Living, 26633 Detroit Road in Westlake.
Activity:Join us today as Maggie McAllister from
M-TEC Music Therapy Enrichment Center joins us for her monthly music session. Stay and enjoy some refreshments and time to socialize!