Monday, May 11th:
Happy Birthday Linda! Thank you for all you do for us!!
Heartful Living Cafe
Date: Tuesday, May 12th
Time: 2pm
Join in on Tuesday afternoon filled with stories & music! First enjoy Storyteller Kathy Strawser as she shares a wonderful story in words & images, “It Could Be Worse”, A Jewish Folktale from Poland. Then, violinist Chris Kilbane will join us with music & songs of Springtime and May! 
Time to connect and stay in touch. You will receive an email invitation for the Zoom program.
A BIG thank you to members of the Cleveland West Road Runners Club for their time, effort and contribution related 
to the spring clean-up of the Center’s grounds!! A group of member’s friends and
family provided a great job of enhancing the area with mulch, removed a tree stump and a general 
clean-up. We appreciate all they did under the leadership 
of Bob Myers!
Board Member & Volunteer Gretty Myers has a recommendation for a food source during our current situation and for the future. She highly recommends: Perfectly Imperfect Produce!
Supermarkets reject fruits and veggies that are unique in size, shape or color to meet consumer demand for perfection. It’s part of the reason our country throws away 40% of the food we produce, which ends up in landfills where it turns to methane – a greenhouse gas 100 times more potent than carbon monoxide. When 21% of our water, 18% of our land and 10% of our energy is used to grow our country’s food, that’s an awful lot of resources to be wasting. Especially when 41 million Americans are food insecure.
Our mission is to reduce food waste and improve healthy food access for all. That’s why for every box purchased, we donate produce to local food pantries.
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Creative Connections
Date: Friday, May 15th
Time: 2pm
Visit with us via Zoom! Enjoy the Friday Chat and time to be connected and socialize in a safe and comfortable way. Then participate in an art experience using materials from your art kit. We’ll create a rainbow of hope! From the kit you will need the watercolor set, watercolor paper, paint brushes, scrapbook patterned papers and glue stick. From your kitchen: paper towels, a container of water and something to protect your work surface. If you still need a kit, contact us at: or call: 440-414-0434. 
Two weeks ago, our Friday Creative Connections (TM) program hosted an opportunity to each make “hearts” while we worked together via a Zoom session. Everyone used different art materials from around their home. The experience was prompted by the love and hope that each of us are currently expressing. Artist Wendy Schragg began this Facebook response with her vision. Check out her work, others from around the country and ours on: #heartartshare
Special support of the Three Arches Foundation in their recent grant to help with this project and effort; so we may stay connected and offer our arts enrichment program right from the comfort and safety of your home. By connecting people, ideas and resources, the Three Arches Foundation fosters a collaborative approach towards investing in organizations whose work directly addresses the continuum of physical and behavioral health issues. For more information, visit:
In Friday’s Creative Connections session led by Artist-In-Residence Richard Skerl, everyone created fun “Mom” 
paper dolls for Mother’s Day! Below are a few 
close-up pictures!
A lovely
“Mom” created by participant Eddie Lou!
Participants Steve & Debbie with their fun “Mom”!
Participant Jennifer put
her “Mom” on a
background & decorated it with stickers!
Two “Mom”s by participant Marcia & care partner Deborah!
Volunteer &
Dr. Charlie’s daughter Chris shows off her
cute “Mom”!
Congratulations to Luanne Becker! Luanne had recently hosted a gallery exhibit of her photography and art at the Center for Artful Living. She received First Place in a Virtual Art Exhibit titled “You-topia” at Summit Art Space in Akron. Her work is titled: Suspended Animation”. She is also creating an online gallery to sell her work. For more information, email her at: and she will provide you
with further details!