Reservations for the Gala are due by September 22nd!! Make your reservations today!!


Based on the latest COVID statistics for the State of Ohio, masks are strongly encouraged for all, and required for non-vaccinated guests while inside the Center for Artful Living.

We take precautions in maintaining the cleanliness of the building and equipment.

Farrell Foundation Board

The Heartful Living Café

Tuesday, September 13th

at 2pm

Be with us for a special Tuesday program with Elizabeth Revy. Elizabeth will guide all in a Chair Tai Chi exercise program. She will host the program in person or you may join us virtually. A separate email invitation will be sent for virtual guests.

Sweet Arts Café

Wednesday, September 14th

11am – Noon:

Brown Bag Lunch

Noon – 1pm: Art Program

Enjoy time for lunch together and an opportunity to socialize. Then at noon, experience a special time for art, being creative and expressive. The enrichment session will begin at noon. Virtual guests may attend at that time.

Celebrate the Arts

Friday, September 16th at 2pm

Come and enjoy music on Friday afternoon with Sara Williams. Sara is a music therapist with MTEC, Music Therapy Enrichment Center in Westlake. Sara will offer a variety of songs, music styles, instruments, and activities to experience.

A separate email is sent for virtual guests.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 38th Anniversary to Steve & Debbie Giblin this past week!

Tribute hosted by Board President Andrew Mangels

Andrew presided over a special celebration on Saturday, September 10th at the Westlake Porter Public Library with the unveiling of a Memorial Wall in honor of Westlake resident Christina Ryook. Christina lost her life on September 11th, 2001, at the World Trade Center in New York. The wall includes part of one of the steel beams from the building. Family, friends and the community recognized Christina, her service at the library and her caring ways.

Participant News

Here’s participant Alice working on her art project with the assistance of volunteer Rosemary.

Participant Debbie with her daughter Meghan, who is holding up Debbie’s artwork for us to see!

Volunteer Elizabeth guides participants Sara (L) and Pat (R) in their fun art projects.

Participant Jennifer shares her colorful artwork and she’s accompanied here by her puppy!