The Heartful Living Café

Tuesday, January 10th

at 2pm

Come experience the work of Photographer Hal Mitcheltree paired with musical selections. Hal will engage all in a special experience combining photography and music, along with a series of “Beautiful Questions”. Be with us

in-person or virtually. Virtual guests will view the photography and enjoy the music selections. In-person participants are invited to stay for refreshments.

Sweet Arts Café

Wednesday, January 11th

11am – Noon:

Brown Bag Lunch

Noon – 1pm: Art Program

At 11am, be with us for the lunch hour. Bring a brown bag lunch, and we’ll offer a beverage and dessert. At noon, Resident Artist Lee Ann Eyre will guide all in an art activity related to the month’s theme. A list of required materials will be provided to virtual guests prior to the program. Virtual guests may join in at noon.

Celebrate the Arts

Friday, January 13th

at 2pm

On Friday we offer 2 programs! We host our monthly Support Group facilitated by CLFF Board Member Sally Ollerton. During this session, we also host an art enrichment program for other family members to experience and enjoy, led by Resident Artist Richard Skerl.

At the conclusion, all are welcome to remain for snacks and refreshments. Virtual program for art activity only.

We extend a

Happy Birthday Wish

to Volunteer Kathy Kassimatis on Wednesday, January 11th! Have a wonderful day and thanks for all you do!

Happy Birthday Wishes to Volunteer Coordinator Rosemary Ware on Saturday, January 14th! Hope you have a

great day!

We want to wish

Resident Artist

Lee Ann Eyre a very Happy Birthday on Sunday, January 15th! Enjoy your special day! Have an artistically creative birthday!

Clap 4 Health Month

Raise awareness of physical activity and the overall benefits of how getting involved in an activity can benefit your health and longevity.

We applaud all!

We are proud to share an upcoming event scheduled for Sunday, February 26th. “Yes, And…” is an extraordinary opportunity for individuals and families experiencing challenges with dementia in the home setting. Actress and writer Anne McEvoy will share three short family interactions and demonstrate ways to handle issues in a positive manner. Following the live performance

there will be time for conversation and dialog about the stories.

Join us and share this special afternoon with others.

Please make your reservations!

Time Magazine January 16 – 23 Article:

The Daily Habits of Happiness by Experts Report

These items can bring joy and happiness!

And guess what? They are the basis of the

Farrell Foundation Programs!

  • A personal activity like art, writing, music, cooking & gaming.
  • Exercising.
  • Spending time in nature. (Our Sensory Garden.)
  • Spending time with friends.
  • Engaging with a Support Group.
  • Spending time with family.
  • Rest.
  • Meditation.
  • Prayer.

Participant News

Participant Gary shares

his delightful winter tree art that he made in Wednesday’s Sweet Arts Café program, which was led by Resident Artist Richard Skerl.

Here is participant

Diane with her pretty

forest scene.

Participant Debbie with her fun and colorful winter art.

This great night scene was created by participant Steve.