The Heartful Living Café

Tuesday, May 16th

at 2pm

Come enjoy the team of

Ike Brooks, Joe Shaw and Gretchen Denaro as they lead a program for Baseball Memories.

On Tuesday, experience the sounds of the game with their interactive program. Wear your favorite team caps, jerseys, etc. Join us in-person or virtually.

Virtual guests will receive a separate email attachment to print out for the Tuesday activity.

In-person participants will enjoy some special ball park treats!

Sweet Arts Café

Wednesday, May 17th

11am – Noon:

Brown Bag Lunch

Noon – 1pm: Program

Be with us for lunchtime. Bring a brown bag lunch and we’ll provide a beverage and dessert. Enjoy the time together in our Sweet Arts Café. At noon, Luise Easton will host a special art activity for all participating. Come be with us in-person or virtually for the experience!

Celebrate the Arts

Friday, May 19th

at 2pm

Please join us on Friday as MTEC, Music Therapy Enrichment Center staff, guide everyone in a very special music experience related to our upcoming Summer Theater Arts program. They will engage all in some music and activities related to it’s theme. Then in-person guests will enjoy time together afterwards with some healthy snacks and refreshments.

We would like to wish new participant

Dick Novak a very

Happy Belated Birthday!! His birthday was on Sunday, May 14th.

The Rocky River Senior Center presents:

“Standing Ovation”

performed by

Senior Players!

Participant News

A BIG Thank You to members of the Cleveland West Road Runners Club for all of their efforts related to the Spring Clean Up and Flower Planting this past Saturday morning! Here, Chip Cooper, Gretty Myers and Paul Schlosser are working on the front display.

We thank them for their effort in making the grounds look great for all visitors! A big special thanks to Bob Myers and Richard Oldrieve for their effort in organizing the group along with each of their club members. In this picture, Chip, Cathy Fischer and Gretty take a quick, well-deserved break!

Bob Myers and Chip Cooper discuss what the next plan of action is!

Christine Mangels views her handiwork after planting some beautiful purple flowers!

We also want to add a BIG thanks to David Hopka, Farrell Foundation Volunteer, on all of his efforts along with many other extra special projects!!

Care giver Linda (L) and participant Therese (R) show off their colorful collage! The project was

led by Jerry Devis in Wednesday’s

Sweet Arts Café.

Participants Diane and Gary with their bright flower that they made! This program was led by Resident Artist Richard Skerl.

New participants Dave & Beth with the pretty butterfly they made in Friday’s Celebrate the Arts session!

Participant Bob with volunteer Kathy sharing Bob’s “sunshine” art!

Participant Richard and wife Gayle. Here Gayle displays her lovely blue flower that she ma