Here’s Maggie McAllister from M-TEC
with a poster from one of the songs
she played in Friday’s
Creative Connections program!
The Center for Artful Living offers a variety of arts enrichment programs at it’s comfortable new facility in Westlake. Current programming includes a range of arts sessions for individuals with dementia and their care partners. The Center is available to others in the arts & business communities to host programs or events. Additional information: or
call 440-414-0434
Title: Heartful Living Café
Date: Tues., Feb. 25th
*Cafe: 2 pm Music: 3 pm*
Location: The Center for Artful Living, 26633 Detroit Road in Westlake.
Activity: Enjoy the afternoon at the Center! Begin with refreshments in our cafe and art gallery. Time to socialize and make new friends! Then musician & songwriter Joe Shafer will be here to entertain & guide us in some delightful songs. Join us!!
Everyone enjoys singing along
and having fun with a stretchy band in Friday’s M-TEC music program!
Title: Sweet Arts Café
Date: Wed., Feb. 26th
Time: 11am to 1pm
Location: The Center for Artful Living, 26633 Detroit Road in Westlake.
Activity: Wednesday’s at the Center begin with lunch (brown bag). We’ll offer a dessert and a beverage. Then think Mardi Gras & Lent as we create some decorative beads to celebrate!
Our Volunteers are Special!
Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers
and all the work they do and kindness that they bring 
to the Center. 
This week we honor volunteer 
Anne Osborne.
Chuck & Alice 
play drums with 
a little bit of help 
from staff 
member Linda.
Title: Creative Connections (TM)
Date: Friday, Feb. 28th
Time: 2pm to 4pm 
Location: The Center for Artful Living, 26633 Detroit Road in Westlake.
Activity: Come spend a Friday afternoon with us! enjoy time with others at the Center. Today, Dr. Charlie Farrell will host the Foundation’s Monthly Support Group 
in our Music Studio. Then other guests will be creating a piece of art (for that extra day in February), Leap Day, February 29th! Stay for refreshments and socialization.
Dr. Charlie (center) with participants
Frank & Frank’s son Paul on the left
and Chuck & Alice on the right in
Friday’s music session.
Our Resident Artist & Printmaker Richard Skerl
has a current art exhibit through early March in the 
Fireside Room at West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church, 
20401 Hilliard Blvd. in Rocky River. For information & hours call: 
*Special Note* An extension of artist/ photographer
Luanne Becker’s “Material Worlds” Art Exhibit
remains at the Center!
Stop in and enjoy the pieces for the next few weeks.
On display, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.
Hope to see you!
 Upcoming New Art Show!
The Quilting “Auer”
Quilts of Westlake Artist & Quilter Karen Auer
Opens Friday, March 27th
at the Center for Artful Living
Art Gallery.
Reception from 6pm – 8pm
The Quilt Exhibit will run through May 22nd.