November is:
National Caregivers Appreciation Month! 
Thank you for all you do to enhance quality of life and dignity.
   We continue to think of each of you and hope to stay connected by social media and our Zoom programs. We hope all of you continue to stay well and safe. The joy and beauty of Autumn is here. The bright fall colors hopefully will brighten everyone’s day. If you have not joined one of our Zoom programs, we encourage you to spend some time with us currently at 2 pm on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. We offer time to visit and socialize right from the safety and comfort of your own home. Then we will guide you through a program of music, storytelling or art. We offer an alternative program on Wednesdays. Spend time with friends outdoors, light exercise, and respect of social distancing. If you have not participated and have questions or would like to be involved, contact us at: or at: 
November 3rd
is Election Day!!
Heartful Living Cafe
Date: Tuesday, November 3rd
Time: 2pm EST, 1pm CT
Stay connected and participate in an afternoon of art appreciation, socialization and fun! Today, Jerry Devis will offer time to discus some works of art and reflect on their significance and your interpretation of meaning.
Support Group
Dr. Charlie would like to host convenient times with care partners to discuss current concerns and issues you might be facing during the Covid-19 health challenges. He will offer small group or one-on-one opportunities to discuss current situations and methods to find resolution.
The meetings will be offered by phone conference Monday & Thursday afternoons. Please contact Dr. Charlie Farrell at 440-552-2267 to arrange an appointment.
Happy 90th Birthday to 
Bob Scarr, November 1st!
Happy Birthday to 
Board Member 
Dave Clements, November 2nd!
Nov. 4th at 11 am
“Walk, Talk & Roll”
Enjoy some fresh air, fall colors and the company of others 
at 11:00 am at the Westlake Recreation Center’s Park! Stay and visit safely under the Park’s large gazebo. Masks and social distance required. No program if it is raining or cooler than 45 degrees.
A Way To Donate
The Foundation appreciates all of our  

community interest and support.
If you would consider a gift

to help continue our programming and outreach services, please click the link and it will take you to our website for details how you can make a sustaining or one-time contribution. Thank you!

Join us for our big, upcoming Fundraiser, 
Saturday, November 21st!
Creative Connections (TM)
Date: Friday, November 6th
Time: 2pm EST, 1pm CT
Visit safely in the comfort of your home as Resident Artist Richard Skerl offers an art enrichment experience. He will guide all in a step by step OMA (Opening Minds Through Art) activity. Time to relax and share your creative side!
Participant Tess & her caregiver share Tess’s wonderful artwork at our virtual Halloween party!
Participants Alice & Chuck show their creative piece of art!

Participant Jennifer with her wonderful artwork!
Case Western Reserve Student & Volunteer Vidushri shares her colorful & creative artwork!
Participants Steve & Debbie in their costumes for the virtual Halloween party show us their pretty artwork!
Participant Joanne shares her wonderful artwork with us! Husband Bob is behind the picture!
There was a memorial service this past Saturday, October 31st
honoring the life of Dr. Manny Essel. 
He will be missed.