Spring Music!
Flutist Robb Durr played some Celtic and spring music for us in last week’s Heartful Living Cafe virtual session!
We have a correction! We want to congratulate
Debbie Giblin on completing
1,000 rides (not miles!)
on her Peloton bike!
We are all proud of
your accomplishment!
Keep on biking!
March 29th is
“World Piano Day”. . .
for Ruth and Glenn and
all others who love to play and/or listen to piano music!
The Heartful Living Cafe
Tuesday, March 30th
at 2 pm
Spend part of your day with us! Today, Storyteller Kathy Strawser will share with us the story titled:
“What Is Kept” by Jane Shlensky. What is a small object that you’ve kept for a very long time? Maybe its a ticket stub, an old t-shirt, a broken piece of jewelry. It might not mean anything to anyone else, but to you, it means a lot. Please have that object with you for our session today!
It’s also “Virtual Vacation Day” . . .
So let’s travel today! Jerry will take you on a special journey
to South Africa!!
“Movin’ & Groovin’ Wednesdays!”
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Wed., March 31st at 11 am
until Noon
Join us for a mid-morning exercise program right from the comfort of
your chair and computer! Enjoy
some music and get those arms, fingers, necks, head, legs and feet stretching and moving! Join us on
our virtual program.
Thursday, April 1st
is April Fools Day!
So . . . beware!
April 2nd!
Memorial Gift!
Our Friday Creative Connections Programs are being provided through the generous memorial gifts in honor of our participant and friend, the late Jim Ash.
Thank you to Carol Ash,
Family & Friends!
Joe and Debbie Tomba
We want to extend our condolences and sympathy to
the Tomba family on the recent loss of Joe Tomba. His wife Debbie, passed away earlier
this year. They were participants in the Farrell Foundation programs in 2016 and
in early 2020.
Participant Jennifer shares the pretty artwork she made in the Friday Creative Connections session led by Resident Artist Richard Skerl!
Guest Tess with her creative work of art, also from Friday’s session!
Volunteer Gretty peeks from behind her lovely spring creation!
Our friends Steve and Debbie display their wonderful artwork for us to see!
Resident Artist
Richard Skerl sharing
his expertise in the
Friday Zoom session
of the Creative Connections
A Big Thank You!
A special thanks to Rev. Chef Dave Clements for his presentation
“Meals in Minutes”
at Friday Night’s Fun Event!
Everyone enjoyed the program
and the recipes!
Our next Friday Fun Event will
be on April 30th!
Happy Easter!
Sunday, April 4th