Spring has arrived 
at the 
Center for Artful Living!
   We hope to stay connected with all of our participants, friends and volunteers through the Constant Contact newsletters.
   The Foundation realizes there are many challenges on a typical day for each of our participants and especially for the care partners. We strive to help support you with our various programs and services and are always stressing the importance of living well with dementia. With the impact of COVID-19, these daily challenges are even greater and more stressful.
   To keep everyone involved and relieve some of the anxiety and stress, we will be offering each of you the opportunity to participate in online Virtual Arts Enrichment sessions. We will begin with a music program tomorrow, Tuesday, March 31st at 2pm. If you have participated in a program at the Center for Artful Living during the last year, you will receive an email message inviting you to join us for a Zoom Conference call. This can be accessed through your computer, iPad, or Smart Phone. There will be directions in the email to join the call. At 2pm, click this link and it will take you to Zoom and then will prompt you to turn your video on. If you would like to participate, please contact us at: info@farrellfoundation.com
   Hopefully you will consider participating in the program and in future programs so we can reconnect, stay in touch, and enjoy our time together. Best to all!
Important Message from the Farrell Foundation

We want to inform all of our guests, visitors, professionals and volunteers that the Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation at the Center for Artful Living will be closed during the duration of the Coronavirus Crisis. We want to assure the health and safety of all of our dear friends and participants. We will keep everyone aware of future changes to our schedule and when the Center and programming can hopefully and safely resume. We wish everyone the best during this challenging time for our community, country and the world.

Dr. Charlie Farrell & Staff
Heartful Living Cafe
Date: Tuesday, March 31st
Time: 2pm
Live on Zoom Call (No programs at the Center)
Remain in the safety and comfort of your own home as you will be guided through a music experience with our Artistic Director Jerry Devis. 
He will prompt each participant in some fun songs and opportunity to socialize in the Zoom Conference call!
(Next event to be determined.)
Participant Steve with Artist-in-Residence Richard
showing off the latest work of art!
Participant Ralph with his daughter Trish
at one of the sing-along sessions in the Heartful Living Cafe.
Participant Marcia has fun working with volunteer Kathy
on her latest artistic creation!
The Center for Artful Living will keep you apprised regarding upcoming programs, events and art exhibits. At present time, all is on hold to assure the health and safety of all visitors and guests to our facility.
Back at Christmas time, Mrs. Clause pays a visit to participants
Joe and his wife Susan!
 Next Alumni Group Meeting – Time will be determined sometime in the future.
 Participants Joanne and Bob enjoy making necklaces
that feed the birds in the wintertime!
 Participant Jennifer makes pretty Valentine hearts
with the help of volunteer Sandy!
 Care partner Tom and
wife Jannie try their hand at working with some clay.
A new experience!
 Participants Gerry & Nick have fun getting up and doing a little dancing
in one of our music programs!
 Participants Joanni & Debby display their beautiful “Bird of Paradise”
flowers that they have created!