Steve & Debbie enjoy dancing in Tuesday’s Heartful Living Cafe 
music program led by Pam Wetula!
The Center for Artful Living offers a variety of arts enrichment programs at it’s comfortable new facility in Westlake. Current programming includes a range of arts sessions for individuals with dementia and their care partners. The Center is available to others in the arts & business communities to host programs or events. Additional information: or
call 440-414-0434
 Guest singer 
Pam Wetula leads the Heartful Living Cafe 
in a fun sing-a-long 
music session with a
theme of Love!
Title: Heartful Living Café
Date: Tuesday, June 25th
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Location: The Center for Artful Living, 26633 Detroit Road in Westlake.
Activity: Join us for a special day with musician & artist Robb Durr. We will start in our cafe first for a time to socialize with summer refreshments. Then we will move to the music studio as Robb will entertain us with his flute music. An interactive program will include music & song!
Participant Luanne 
enjoyed creating 
beautiful artwork in Artistic Director Jerry’s “Canvas & Cheesecake” painting party on Sunday! 
Painting parties are available at the Center on weekends. Proceeds benefit the Foundation.
Title: Sweet Arts Café
Date: Wednesday, June 26th
Time: 11am to 1pm
Location: The Center for Artful Living, 
26633 Detroit Road 
in Westlake.
Activity: Spend lunchtime with us! Bring a brown bag lunch, then participate in a fun art experience with resident artist Richard Skerl as we continue to work on the artwork installation of resident artist Lee Ann Eyre.
Volunteer Gretty 
also attended Jerry’s “Canvas & Cheesecake” painting party on Sunday 
at the Center!
Title: Creative Connections (TM)
Date: Friday, June 28th
Time: 2 PM – 4 PM
Location: The Center for Artful Living, 26633 Detroit Road in Westlake.
Activity: It’s World Peace Day! A time to enjoy the Center for Artful Living. An opportunity to socialize and engage in an arts activity. Today we will honor the concept of World Peace. Join us & stay for light refreshments after the activity!
Thursday, July 4th
Happy Fourth of July!!
The Center is closed!
See you next week!!
The next
Support Group will be on
July 12th at 2 PM.