The Heartful Living Cafe
Tuesday, January 12th at 2 pm
Spend part of your Tuesday with us! Remain connected and enjoy music performances and engage in song with pianist Ruth Williams and violinist Nadine Kodysz. A separate Zoom invitation will be sent by email.
Creative Clock Inspired Designs!
Participants had fun making designs with clock elements in Friday’s Creative Connections program, led by Resident Artist Richard Skerl! In addition to the piece, each guest offered a title about time or the new year for their work!
“Movin’ & Groovin’ Wednesdays!”
Wed., Jan. 13th at 11 am until Noon
Join us for some light chair exercise led by Luise Easton. Luise will guide all with some fun music and get everyone’s energy and mood upbeat!
Creative Connections (TM)
Friday, January 15th at 2 pm
Enjoy a Friday afternoon of music
and fun activities with music therapist Maggie McAllister from M-TEC,
Music Therapy Enrichment Center. Maggie will play guitar and keyboard and engage all in a variety of
music pieces.
Valentine’s Friday Night Fun Party Benefit!
For the Farrell Foundation, Friday, January 29th at 7 pm via Zoom!
Create a fun T-shirt, sweatshirt or button down. Artist Luise Easton will guide all ages in a fun Friday night experience! Participants will need a shirt with at least 50% cotton (pre-washed) in white, pink, lavender or pastel for the activity; also an iron, surface to iron on, towel and scissors. Other option is glitter puffy paint. Iron-on materials for the activity will be sent to you or can be picked up at the Center for Artful Living, M-F, 9-5, before the 29th of January. Cost $20 per Person, $25 per Family. Zoom link will be sent prior. Call
440-414-0434 or click link below to pay with a one-time donation.
Recent 50th Wedding Anniversary!
Congratulations to John & Janis Carlson on December 31st!
Happy Birthday to you both – enjoy your special day!
We so appreciate all that you do!
Volunteer and Board Member Kathy Kassimatis on
January 11th!
Resident Artist Lee Ann Eyre on January 15th! She is pictured here with husband John and father-in-law, Joe.
Steve and Debbie share their creative clock creation!
Megan shows off her pretty
clock inspired design!
Jennifer with her clock element art!
Jeanne shares her artistic clock design with us!