Living Café (TM)

Tuesday, March 12th

at 2pm

Come enjoy the beautiful music by violinist Nadine Kodysz and pianist Ruth Williams. They will engage all in a variety of pieces and share background about their classical and Irish songs. Join

in-person and virtually. Refreshments provided following the program.

Sweet Arts Café (TM)

Wednesday, March 13th

11am – Lunch

Noon – Program

Be with us for lunchtime. Participants enjoy the time to socialize and spend time together over lunch or refreshments and beverages at 11am. At noon, Craftsperson Luise Easton will be here for a monthly special activity. Enjoy the fun program

in-person or virtually.

Thursday, March 14th – Memory Cafe at Heights Library!

Join the Foundation at the Coventry Village Library on Thursday afternoon at 2:00pm for a Memory Cafe!

1925 Coventry Rd, Cleveland, OH 44118

*Correction on Flyer – Time is: 2pm – 3:30pm.

(NOT 1pm to 2:30pm)

Celebrate the Arts (TM)

Friday, March 15th

at 2pm

Spend Friday afternoon with us when Jessica Wallner from MTEC, Music Therapy Enrichment Center, will be here to entertain and guide all in a special afternoon of music! Wear some green and enjoy our

St. Patrick’s Day party with music, dessert and beverages. Come and socialize! In-person

or virtually.

On Sunday,

March 17th,


St. Patrick’s Day!!

Mindfulness Through the Arts (TM)

Monday, March 18th

at 2pm

A special program for the care partner with two options! One choice is to be engaged in a guided art practice led by a professional artist. Option two is the opportunity to enjoy playing some games at the Center! A great time for yourself and to have some fun and engage the mind and enjoy some refreshments. In-person only.

 For questions, contact us at 440-414-0434.

Gentle Moments (TM)

Arrange by Appointment!

Looking for participants to

attend a new special program.

We are offering a sensory session to guide a small group

or an individual couple through

a pleasant, relaxing experience. Soothing words and soft music and to spend time together

at the Center.

Guided by Shirley Nelson.

Day of the week and time scheduled will be personally arranged. Please contact us

for further details about

either program

at 440-414-0434.

New Exhibit at the Center!

Vicki Wert – Westlake Photographer

Gallery open M – F, 9 – 5

A New Opportunity!

On Wednesday, March 20th at 2pm at the South Euclid-Lyndhurst Library in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic.

Join the arts enrichment experience from 2pm – 3:30pm.

A Walk In The Park (TM)

Coming back in March!

We are looking forward to spring when we can resume a program to encourage a meet up and walk at Westlake’s Community Park. Looking for interested individuals/couples.

Dates & details coming soon!

Donated Items Available!

We have some items that

were donated to the Foundation and are available to any interested individuals:

  • Wheelchair
  • Walker
  • Case of Depends

Please contact for further information at: 440-414-0434

Participant News

In Wednesday’s Sweet Arts Cafe, Drummer Billy Coakley entertained everyone with some lively music! Some of it Irish music, because of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day!

Here, the Wednesday group plays along with Billy using various instruments!

Participant Francoise got up and did a little Irish dance!

Volunteers Dave & Joanne also got up and danced to the music!

In Friday’s Celebrate the Arts program, Jerry works with participant Diane on a festive shamrock wreath for St. Patrick’s Day!

Volunteer Diane works with participant Tommy on his

St. Patrick’s Day wreath! The program was led by Resident Artist Richard Skerl.

Volunteer Rosemary (R) guides participant Hilde (L) with her

St. Patrick’s Day wreath!

On Friday evening, Jerry hosted a painting party from West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church. The event was called the

Twisted Cork Painting Party. All had a great time creating their acrylic spring paintings!