We continue to think of each of you and hope to stay connected by social media and our Zoom programs. We hope all of you continue to stay well and safe. The joy and beauty of summer is on the horizon. The days, colors and more sunshine hopefully will brighten everyone’s day. If you have not joined one of our Zoom programs, we encourage you to spend some time with us currently at 2pm on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. We offer time to visit and socialize right from the safety and comfort of your own home. Then we will guide you through a program of music, storytelling or art. If you have not participated and have questions or would like to be involved, contact us at: info@farrellfoundation.com or at: 
Welcome to the NEW NORMAL! New for sure, normal…not so much. For the past 10,000 years, we have become more and more intertwined and interdependent. Isolation is no longer a cultural value. Our mandated lifestyle is not normal but rather an aberration. We need to work hard and adjust to our current lifestyle, but yet look forward to the return to normality. The Foundation will continue to provide our Zoom programs and to also provide Art Kits to keep us all as close together as possible. We will begin to work with the State Health Department and develop 
a format that will allow us to begin to use the Center sometime in the future. We miss you and look forward to seeing you in person soon!   
Dr. Charlie Farrell
Monday, June 8th 
is Best Friends Day! 
We are thankful for all of our friends through the Farrell Foundation 
today & everyday!
Heartful Living Cafe
Date: Tuesday, June 9th
Time: 2pm EST, 1pm Central
Why not spend part of your afternoon with us? Today, Kathy Strawser will share the wonderful story and message of “Stone Soup”. Then pianist Ruth Williams has selected music to enjoy, hum, sing and move to….join us at 2pm EST (1pm Central) on Zoom. Invitation will be sent in a separate email. Plus, it’s National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day!
Coming soon! Our new Gallery & Garden at the Center for Artful Living! Watch for upcoming 
details & how you can 
become involved.
Support Group
Dr. Charlie would like to host convenient times with care partners to discuss current concerns and issues you might be facing during the Covid-19 health challenges. He will offer small group or one-on-one opportunities to discuss current situations and methods to find resolution.
The meetings will be offered by phone conference Monday & Thursday afternoons. Please contact Dr. Charlie Farrell at 440-552-2267 to arrange an appointment.
Wednesday, June 10th at 11am  
“Walk, Talk & Roll”
Come enjoy the Westlake Community Park to get some fresh air, sunshine and conversation. The park is located between Hilliard Blvd. and Center Ridge Road. (Masks & social distance required) Join us for any amount of time, ability, comfort & security level. Weather permitting; No program if it is raining or temperature above 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool off afterwards, it’s National Iced Tea Day!
In last Friday’s Creative Connections program, Maggie McAllister from M-TEC (Music Therapy Enrichment Center) led the group via Zoom for a fun music session!
A Way To Donate
The Foundation appreciates all of our  

community interest and support.
If you would consider a gift

to help continue our programming and outreach services, please click the link and it will take you to our website for details how you can make a sustaining or one-time contribution. Thank you!

Creative Connections (TM)
Date: Friday, June 12th
Time: 2pm EST, 
1pm Central
Enjoy your Friday afternoon via a Zoom Arts Enrichment Program today. Join Art Director Jerry Devis as he guides you through an art experience related to our June theme: Up, Up & Away! Work from your art kit; materials provided along with other household items. List will be included in Zoom email invitation on Thursday, June 11th. If you would like a kit, please contact us at: 440-414-0434 or at: info@farrellfoundation.com
Enjoy the time with some cookies…..
June 12th is also National Peanut
Butter Cookie Day!
M-TEC provides
a series of individual
music therapy
For further information,
check out the flyer!
Or M-TEC’s website link below:
Special support of the Three Arches Foundation in their recent grant to help with this project and effort; so we may stay connected and offer our arts enrichment program right from the comfort and safety of your home. By connecting people, ideas and resources, the Three Arches Foundation fosters a collaborative approach towards investing in organizations whose work directly addresses the continuum of physical and behavioral health issues. For more information, visit:    https://www.threearchesfoundation.org/
 Last week, the wrong link was sent by mistake. Here is the news segment that was on WEWS Channel 5 
featuring a story regarding 
the impact of closed 
adult day care facilities 
during the pandemic and how that has had an affect on the lives of families. 
Joel & Ursula Brence were included in part of the story. 
To see the interview and video, click below:
Artistic Director
Jerry Devis had some
summer fun trying on
a friend’s motorcycle!
Congratulations to Luanne Becker! Luanne had recently hosted a gallery exhibit of her photography and art at the Center for Artful Living. She received First Place in a Virtual Art Exhibit titled “You-topia” at Summit Art Space in Akron. Her work is titled: Suspended Animation”. She is also creating an online gallery to sell her work. For more information, email her at: bbvideo@sbcglobal.net and she will provide you with further details!