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Our mission is to empower, engage, and educate individuals, care partners, and families living with dementia or other brain health issues to live a more fulfilling life through the arts, social interaction and community outreach.

“Isolation is a large contributing factor to increasing the pain and difficulty of having dementia. Our programs are designed to decrease isolation and increase socialization with community support.”
– Dr. Charlie Farrell

What We Do

We welcome you to the Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation for Brain Health. Below is a video which will give you an overview of our Center for Artful Living and many of it’s enrichment and wellness programs for individuals impacted by dementia/Alzheimer’s and other cognitive health issues. 

SHARE for Dementia is an evidence-based care-planning program that empowers adults with early-stage dementia and their families to get the most out of today while planning for tomorrow. Below is a video that will introduce you to the SHARE program. The Farrell Foundation provides this program at no cost to the community through the collaboration with Benjamin Rose. 

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About Us

The Farrell Family

The Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation for Brain Health was established in 2011 when the Farrell Family saw a need in the community. In caring for Carol, wife and mother, we found that there are few activity based programs for people living at home with dementia/Alzheimer’s. We wanted to bring programming to the community in order to help support people’s treatment plan and management of their illness. Our programs are largely arts based and focus on multi-sensory elements. The human senses centered in the brain preserve abilities well into the disease process.

It is often assumed that people with dementia can not participate in daily life activities anymore, and that is not true. When we create activities that are accessible, individuals thrive and find joy in the experience. People with dementia can create, imagine, and have fun.

Most importantly, isolation is a large contributing factor to increasing the pain and difficulty of having dementia. Our programs are designed to decrease isolation and increase socialization with community support.

Therese Oakar – Participant Spotlight

By Margaret Oakar

My Mom, Therese, has a way of lighting up a room and making those around her smile. While she always did that for us, her family, she has always had that gift, that energy and spirit just about every place she goes. I hear she does the same when she arrives at the Farrell Foundation! Before her semantic dementia diagnosis, Therese was active in many different areas in addition to being a very proud and involved Mom with each of her three daughters. She and her husband, our Dad, have been partners for more than 57 years of marriage. She was a dedicated school volunteer and served for Meals on Wheels. She was talented in sewing and created baby blankets/hats, soft toys and Christmas stockings that were donated to children and mothers in need in the Cleveland area. Therese attended and graduated from Baldwin Wallace University later in life. Ironically, she attended graduation and commencement with her daughter Margaret, who also graduated on the same day. Therese practiced yoga long before most and she also enjoyed Silver Sneakers classes and continues taking walks around our neighborhood. She still enjoys different music styles and lights up when she hears a song that she can sing along to. When our Care Team from Senior Concierge Services told us about the Farrell Foundation, we really weren’t sure how she might react to attending. Now she is a regular and we’ve seen her enjoy exercising, dancing, creating art and socializing over a meal. Our family and our Care Team have seen that she thrives on days she visits her friends at the Farrell Foundation. We are so grateful for our wonderful Care Team. This includes Linda, Megan and Faith who accompany Therese to programs and all of those at the Foundation who have become a part of her life. Thank you for giving Therese the opportunity to participate in this great community. We hope she makes you smile as much as you all do for her.

Margaret Oakar, Daughter

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