Look through our photo gallery from our arts sessions; you’ll see beautiful experiences and friendships created. We look forward to all of the memories we’ll make together! Over the years, we’ve enjoyed different music styles such as Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical, Folk and Americana. We’ve had many heart healthy dance and movement sessions. We’ve created Roaring 20’s Jazz art, winter landscapes, tropical and seasonal paintings. Each holiday is celebrated in art and song; including love-themed scrapbook pages, Valentine’s hearts, a St. Patrick’s Day quilt, Easter eggs, Fairy gardens, Fourth of July fireworks, Autumn leaves, Thanksgiving centerpieces and Holiday angels. We use a variety of art materials such as metal, clay, wood, cloth, buttons, dried flowers, cardboard, feathers, beads, wire, canvas and paper. Along with traditional materials such as watercolors, acrylics, ink, markers and colored pencils. We enjoy other art experiences such as storytelling, poetry and improv, a theater activity. Come and experience these at the Center for Artful Living!